About the Artist

Choosing and arranging objects, capturing their essences, observing the play of light and shadow, stopping time and personalizing the familiar, I combine these elements when creating my still life drawings. Subscribing to the “Less is More” philosophy, I integrate a variety of objects with the background and everything must fit together harmoniously. Each drawing is a joyous discovery of often overlooked details intertwined with calm negative space.   Gail Collier




A professional artist for over 25 years, Gail has a Master’s Degree in Studio Art with a drawing major. She has worked in colored pencil for many years and enjoys exploring the many effects which can be created with this simple tool. Her colors have evolved over the years, becoming brighter, more intense, and sometimes surrealistic. Paralleling her brightly colored works are more nature oriented drawings and paintings of objects found along the beaches of Islesford, Maine. See www.islesfordartists.com to view these pieces. Gail has won numerous awards at juried shows and exhibitions throughout the Midwest and has exhibited in several galleries. Her drawings are in public and private collections throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. She has earned signature status in the Colored Pencil Society of America and the Five Year and Ten Year Merit Awards. Her artwork has been published in The Best of Colored Pencil, Volumes III and V, American Artist magazine, North Light magazine, and Whetstone, volumes 5 and 17. Her artwork is also the cover art on Dick Blick Studio colored pencils.